I think I’m pregnant…

Prompt: “Omg Tayga pregnancy scare!!”


"Taylor!", Gaga ran into her boyfriend’s arms, burying her face in his neck and wrapping her tiny arms around his muscular body. "Oh my God, I missed you so much. What are you doing here?", she pulled away and looked into his beautiful blue ocean eyes.

"I couldn’t resist spending one more day without my girl", he smiled and caressed her cheek before kissing her red lips.

"Aww, I love you", Gaga said and kissed him passionately.

Taylor surprised Gaga while she was touring in Europe. The last time they saw each other was about two months ago. Two months that seemed like years for them. Taylor was really excited to see her baby again and showed up at her concert’s backstage with a bundle of red roses. Gaga was happier than ever. She still had an hour before her show so they spent those minutes left making out in her dressing room.

"Hmm, babe", she moaned without pulling out. "I need you", she said and bit his lip hard making it bleed a little.

"Just wait a few more hours, babe", Taylor said and licked his lip, tasting his blood. He didn’t want to rush anything, he was preparing something special for her for that night.

"No, T, I need you now”, she kissed him harder. She was sitting on top of him, so she wrapped her legs around his waist, moving her hips and rubbing her sex with his. Taylor went crazy. He untied her robe and smiled at the fact that she was completely naked. He cupped her tits, playing with her nipples and sucking them in turns, giving them equal attention. Then he went back to her neck, biting it and leaving a hickey. Gaga was moaning loudly, she missed his touch so much and the feeling of his lips on her skin. She managed to take off his shirt, touching his rock-hard abs and kissing his toned chest. Gaga lay on the couch and spread her legs, she needed him. Taylor kissed her lips again and went down to her belly and then to her most private part, skipping it to kiss her thighs, teasing her.

"Taylor, please", she pleaded. Taylor looked at her mischievously and carefully opened her legs before devouring her sex. Minutes later, Gaga was reaching her first orgasm and her moans turned into screams. "Shh", Taylor said putting his hand on her mouth. She was so loud but she didn’t care. She completely forgot that they were backstage and her whole team was outside, probably hearing everything. After a few minutes, she screamed his name and her body was shaking from all the pleasure she was feeling.

"It’s not over yet", Taylor smiled seductively and leaned to kiss her, making her taste herself.

"Just do it", she pleaded and he gently pushed his manhood inside her body. He opened more her legs to make sure she was taking it all. She moaned loudly and he gradually increased the pace, giving her harder thrusts that made her scream. They were enjoying the moment, giving everything and not caring about anything else. After a while, they both reached an orgasm and fell on the couch, trying to catch their breath again. "That was amazing", Gaga sighed. "I love you, princess", Taylor said.

Suddenly, someone opened the door without knocking. “Gaga, it’s already la- OH MY GOD!”, Tara said after seeing them fully naked lying on the couch. She quickly covered her eyes with her hands and turned around.

"Shit", Taylor stood up and put on his boxers in a rush, Gaga was laughing hard and grabbed her Versace robe off the ground and put it on.

"You were so fucking loud and when the noise stopped I thought it was safe to come in", Tara said, laughing at her friends.

"Sorry, Tara, we couldn’t wait any longer", Gaga said.

"You should have knocked the door first…", Taylor joked while putting on his clothes.

"Oh shut up, it’s not the first time I catch you like this", Tara laughed. "And you need to hurry, your show starts in less than ten minutes and you already ruined your makeup”, she looked at Gaga.

"Oops”, Gaga giggled, “See you later, okay babe?", she leaned to kiss Taylor.

"I’ll be waiting here", he smiled and sat on the couch, letting Gaga get ready for her show.

Two weeks later

Gaga was back in Chicago after finishing the last leg of her tour. She was so happy to be back again with her boyfriend. She was sitting on the bed, reading a book. Taylor was working and he wasn’t supposed to be back until late at night. It was almost 9pm so Gaga decided to cook dinner before Taylor got home. She left the book in the nightstand and walked to the kitchen. Suddenly, she felt really dizzy, lost her balance and fell on the ground.

“Ugh, what’s happening?”, she thought as she tried to stand up. She managed to sit on a chair to avoid falling again. After a while she started feeling nauseous and then it hit her immediately: her period was late and she didn’t notice it until now. “No, it can’t be, it’s just a coincidence”, she thought and shook her head. She carefully walked to her bedroom and looked for that pregnancy test she bought a few months ago. “Where is it?”, she said as she looked in the drawers. Finally, she found it but at the same time Taylor got home.

“Babe?”, he called, closing the door and leaving his backpack on the couch.

“Here”, she said with a shaky voice.

“What’s wrong?”, he asked worried as he entered to the bedroom. He saw her holding a little box that looked really familiar and immediately understood what was happening. His heart started beating faster. Gaga was still standing there, without saying a word. Taylor hugged her and she started crying.

"Babe, talk to me, what’s wrong?", he asked pretending he didn’t notice what she was holding in her hands. Gaga took a deep breath before she started talking.

"I-I was going to cook dinner but when I walked out of the bedroom I felt dizzy and I fell…", she explained.

"Oh God, did you hurt yourself?, he asked worried and rubbed her arm with his hand.

Gaga kept talking without answering his question. “And then I started feeling nauseous… my period is a few days late, Taylor, and I just realized it. I-I’m sorry”, her voice cracked and she cried harder than before. Taylor didn’t know how to react. He wanted to have a family with her, she was definitely the love of his life, but having a baby in that moment was a little rushed. Not only for him, but for her too. He just rubbed her back to make her feel better and after a while he talked.

"Don’t be sorry, okay? You know that I love you so much and that you are the love of my life. That I want to spend with you the rest of my days and that I want to have a family with you. If you’re pregnant, I’m going to be the happiest man alive. I know that maybe it’s not how we planned it but it will still be our baby, a part of us", he said as tears were running down his face. He was being honest with her.

"I know, I want to have a family with you too but I just don’t feel ready to be a mom yet. We’re too busy to take care of a baby right now, Taylor", she said between her sobs. She really wanted to have kids with him but she wasn’t prepared at all.

"Listen, babe, you need to take this test first so we can make sure if you’re pregnant or not. We’re already freaking out and we’re not sure if it’s true yet", he smiled, "And even if it’s true, there’s nothing to be worried about", he wiped her girlfriend’s tears away off her face and kissed the top of her head. "Let’s do this together, okay?", he looked at Gaga and she nodded.

They walked to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. “Wait outside, please”, she said and Taylor left the room. He sat on the bed and buried his face in his hands. He was nervous and scared, but it was normal and he knew it. A baby definitely changes your life. Were they prepared for such a change?

Gaga did what she had to do in order to know the test result. As soon as she did it, she went outside to be with Taylor. She needed him with her in that moment, she needed him to hug her and tell her that everything was going to be fine. She sat next to him with the little plastic thing in her hand and he put his arm around her, holding her. They waited for a minute, a minute that seemed like a freaking century, until they finally knew the result.

"One line. One line. One line. Just one line, please", she repeated over and over again in her mind during that minute. And then there it was. Just one line. Negative. She wasn’t pregnant.

"Thank God", she sighed and Taylor hugged her tight.

"Everything is fine, babe", he kissed her lips and grabbed her face with his hands. "I still want to have a baby with you, though", he smiled and she hugged him.

"Me too and I’m sure we will but we need to plan it", she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "And we have to be more careful", she giggled.

"Yeah, maybe we should start practicing now", he joked grabbing her by her waist.

“No way!”, she laughed and buried her face on his chest. She wanted to be there forever.

(Hey guys! I felt so weird writing this, lol. Sorry for taking so long but since this semester started I’ve had no life, haha. I’ll try to post more often. Love you!)

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